LAST CHANS!!!!!!!!!!



also for other AUSTINS


3 pedal rubber (used) 30 SEK SOLD

2 Petrol tank filling pipe (used, no lid) 40 SEK

Number plate light glass & cover (used) 10 SEK

Chrome rims for tail light (used) 20 SEK

2 Number plate light (used) 20 SEK

(8) 4 left used parking light lenses with rims (used) 20 SEK/peace SOLD

 3 breaker points (NOS) 30 SEK

Instruktionsbok (swedish) 80 SEK

The Book of Austin by Staton Abbey 60 SEK SOLD

Austin Cars from 1947 by T.B.D. Service 100 SEK

Austin Cars from 1932 by T.B.D. Service 120 SEK

The Book of Austin by Staton Abbey 60 SEK SOLD

The Book of Austin by Staton Abbey 60SEK

Brake fluid container with pipe (used) 40 SEK

Enamel good, bad chrome (used) 50 SEK

Wings bad chrome (used) 30 SEK

16 Wheel nuts in brass (used) 40 SEK 

Försäljningsbroschyr BMC 1100(swedish) 50 SEK

Data from Motortrader BLMC 1100GT 20 SEK

Data from Motortrader BMC 1100 20 SEK

 6 wheels, bad tyres (used) 50 SEK/peace

Gearbox, floorshift (used) 350 SEK SOLD

Windows, 2 front 150 SEK/peace, and 4 side 50 SEK/peace. (used)

Air cleaner (used) 80 SEK

Carburater (used) 100 SEK

Inlet valves (NOS) 150 SEK

Starter (used) 100 SEK

Generator (used) 100 SEK SOLD

Tread board rubber (NEW) 60 SEK SOLD

Bumper iron groom (NEW) 100 SEK

 3 Piston ring set (standard) (NOS) 250 SEK

Distributor in parts (used) 60 SEK SOLD

Dust cover (NOS) 20 SEK SOLD

Piston rod (NOS) 100 SEK SOLD

Ashtray (used) 20 SEK 

Boot lid (used) 100 SEK

2 radiators need some work (used) 50 SEK SCRAPED

8 valve springs, not sure it is for A40 (NOS) 100 SEK

Com-end bracket (NOS) 200 SEK

Con rod bearings for 2 pistons (Std. NOS) 300 SEK

???? Rubber bushing (NOS) 50 SEK SOLD

Timing chain (NOS) 70 SEK

Thermostat 80 degrees (NOS) 110 SEK SOLD

Fuel pump with new seal set ready to restore (used) 90 SEK SOLD

Brake linings (NOS) 50 SEK

Boot hinges, need new chrome (used) 50 SEK

Door handle,outer, need new chrome (used) 60 SEK SOLD

Tail light (used) 60 SEK

Starter switch (used) 80 SEK

Ball Joints (used) 50 SEK/peace FEW LEFT

Break fluid container (used) 20 SEK

Drain valve (used) 40 SEK SOLD

Mat with Austin logo (used) 90 SEK SOLD

1good set but need chrome 110 SEK & 1set with 1 brocken rib 100 SEK (used)

2 Tanksender condition unknown (used) 20 SEK

Valve springs see lable not for Devon (NOS) 250 SEK

Ball joint (NOS) 120 SEK

Wiper arms (used) 30 SEK

 4 Brake shoes front (used) & Brake linings fits above shoes with rivets (NOS) 130 SEK SOLD

4 brake drums sandblasted and painted (used) 50 SEK/peace SOLD

4 brake shoes rear mecanical brakes (used) 60 SEK SOLD

  AC oil filter (NOS) 90 SEK SOLD

Oil filter holder (used) 30 SEK

Wiper arms (NOS) 90 SEK

Flying A pin

4 Shockabsorber rear (used) 50 SEK SOLD

Head light chrome outer rim (used) 110 SEK SOME LEFT

Head light chrome inner rim (used) 110 SEK SOME LEFT

2 Head light switch (used) 60 SEK/peace

Fuse holder (used) 30 SEK

Hood chrom (used) 40 SEK/peace SOME LEFT

More hood chrome (used) 50 SEK/peace SOME LEFT

Grill chrome (used) 30 SEK/peace

More grill chrome 30 SEK/peace

Ash trays (used) 20 SEK/peace THE BIG ONE LEFT

Heater unit (used) 300 SEK

Rotor (NOS) 30 SEK

Wiper blades (NOS but old) 10 SEK SOLD

Original Austin tool G.T. 42 Main bearing cap extractor OFFER!

Original Austin tool G.T. 8, Front hub extractor OFFER!

Original Austin tool G.T. 33, OFFER!

Original Austin tool G.T. 34, Propeller shaft & bevel pinion flange wrench OFFER!

?? bearing extractor OFFER!

Original Austin tool 18G 267 ???? OFFER!

Original Austin tool GT 16 OFFER!

Home made tool for pressing the lids that cover the bolts between body & frame on the floor 50 SEK

Themostat housing (used) 30 SEK SOLD

 Bumper horn need new chrome 50 SEK SOLD

 Conversion set opened 80 SEK SOLD

 Joints several 50 SEK/peace SOME LEFT

 Cylinder head comes with valves, springs and all other stuffs 110 SEK SOLD


More is comming up soon